– Portal –

That sound. It held me tight.That light! I’d never seen it in my life.
My thoughts however are what scared me the most…
What happens beyond this void? I don’t imagine being able to come back.
My mind is stuck on my loved one, but my dreams have haunted me for too long.

This is what I had been wishing for my entire life, but now that it’s here, I’ve become afraid. I’m so sick of being a pawn in the world that lies behind me and there’s only one way out,
…This way.

Really though, it just seems like the coward way out. All my promises and premonitions I promised not only to myself, but her. They’d be gone… is that the taste of freedom i can feel warming me?
Oh god, now i feel sick.

I couldn’t do that, could i? Just abandon myself? Jesus, that sounds so wrong..

Now I’m on the floor hunching over my knees. So defeated by my own challenges. One direction feels so perfectly free whilst the other seems so treasuredly beautiful.
The mix of whirrs and wobbles purring from this coloured egress is captivating.
Something has shown me here for a reason. What kind of lesson would it be if i didn’t take this chance? Although i would be gut wrenchingly guilty, i don’t see any other way. I mean, I remember literally begging for this.
Did i unwillingly sell my soul for this opportunity?

Hmm. If only…
It all speaks for itself really.
Ok…. cool.
I get it, it’s probably for the best I guess.
So what’s coming next then?

I’ve gotten myself this far, i’m sure i could figure it out.
Off we go.

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