BROWN ALLEY – 28 October, 2023
Sickest House Presents: TRUTH, ASHEZ, TOBACCO RAT +More

Truth Ashez Tobacco Rat Halloween 2022



Lock in your substantially necessitate Halloween Bass event for Friday 28th October – because Sickest House is bringing your dark bass fix!

A haven of your highest inclinations for what a Halloween party is in a large demand of, manifests in Brown Alley for a night of the darkest arts for all senses. Visually, audibly and emotionally. Using your reality to help you dream. A party of wonder, excitement, thrills and amusement, adventure and debauchery, wickedness and blasphemy.

If you see beauty within an ominous smirk,
It taught you things wrong, but it always worked.
If you feel warmth in the idea of the cold, it kept you feeling soft and anything but old.
If a mighty sound system provides more comfort than anything else could,
Leaving you reborn, and dancing for gold. 
If darkness is your candle… Then pay attention.

After a hugely successful rave in the woods at the beginning of 2021, to then have a dormant following year and anticipation for our hugely stacked 4 headline event regrettably postponed 3 times until the inevitable cancellation… the tension has immensely built.

Sickest House has continued to tirelessly bring together the best innovations for Live Events to now bring you their biggest carnival thus far.
A collective gallery of art forms, touching all bases from your senses to your mind. We are here to captivate you into the awareness of the yang of the yin.
We see love in the darkest of shadows. 

If you’re ready for a journey that will twist your soul as you face your frenetic demons, then be sure to be in Brown Alley for an extra dark and heavy treat.
Come be a part of the carouse, come be a part of the art.
Come be a part of Sickest House.
Be where you’ve always needed to be to release yourself into the reality of darkness.

As always, we have lined up the best Bass producers that have been venturing through Australia for the past year. As well as producers bringing new sounds and styles, it will all be complimented by art forms that will bring you back centuries to where humanity most strongly believed in spirits and spells.

Let us pull at your cerebellum, gargle your acids and strain your bones.
Sickest House is a museum you have craved to be a piece in.

Inviting all but the uneducated,
the philistine,
As well as the ignorant.
This is for our friends,
Not for the weak at heart.

This is Sickest House.

TRUTH – NZ – Deep Dark & Dangerous
ASHEZ – NZ – Boy Records
TOBACCO RAT – Saturate Records
Puff Justice
Shane Cole
Groundskeeper Chilli
Celestial Circus (NSW)
One Eighty Collective
The Sick Witches